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Who am I?

Hello, I’m Bruno from France. In 2017, I spent one year in India training in different clinics and retreat centres. During my journey “I discovered my passion for Ayurvedic medicine through different massage techniques”.

As a certified Ayurvedic therapist, I strongly believed in my ability to support you by giving more time and care to your body. As a natural result, your mind will be so much more peaceful.→ Read more

How can I help you?

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My client’s experience

Bruno is a wonderful Ayurvedic massage therapist. He has a positive, sunny nature and was always with a smile. His beautiful energy was felt when he gave me treatments. He made me feel so safe that I was able to completely relax. It is rare to find a massage therapist that works with such sensitivity and that quality that makes you feel absolute trust. His knowledge and passion really shone during treatment.


Joy by nature yoga

It was my first experience with Ayurvedic massage. I was totally blown away by the feeling of deep relaxation during the massage, and days after. Bruno’s warmth, presence and ability to created calm atmosphere made the experience unforgettable.


Bruno is a very professional and great masseur, with a very deep understanding of the body. I just loved it and felt so good afterwards. I would recommend him to everybody.


Which massage your body need?

How rejuvenate massage will release your body and calm your mind?

Agastya therapy will be ideal if you are looking for a massage which allowed yourself to completely surrender. It will bring you back the balance. The use of medicine oil will also help you to calm down and get back to the breathe.


Deep tissue massage will unlock and relax your whole body?

Sadbaav massage is Ideal if you need to fixe some part of your body and also want some relaxing time.  I mixed two ancient massage techniques to experience deep tissue massage and rejuvenate massage.


Acupressure will help you with insomnia and weak digestion?

Marma therapy massage is the oldest acupressure technique. By pressuring specific points all over the body it will help the body energy flowing again.

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