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Bruno Duval

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I love the role I play as an Ayurvedic practitioner and massage therapist in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, encouraging people to sense another way of experiencing their life by be more gentle with themselves, observing and maximizing their energies in their own environment by eliminating the stress and bringing them solution to their health challenge through nutrition, diet, massages, life style and online courses.

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My services

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Private massage

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Massage workshops

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Cooking workshops

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Corporate massage



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Online course

What my clients say

Bruno is both a wonderful Ayurvedic chef and massage therapist. He has a positive, sunny nature and was always ready with a smile. His beautiful energy was felt whenever you ate his food and also when he gave treatments. He made me feel so safe that I was able to completely relax. It is rare to find a massage therapist that works with such sensitivity and that quality that makes you feel absolute trust. His knowledge and passion for both his food and his treatments really shone

Vivan Choi

Joy by nature yoga, Oslo

Bruno’s passion for food shone through his cooking. His menu planning was creative, his food was delicious and his customer service skills were exceptional. He displayed a positive attitude despite working long hours and remained calm whilst working under pressure. We were very sad to say goodbye to Bruno and would highly recommend him.


Manager, Byron bay yoga center, Australia

I host Bruno in my yoga studio for an Ayurvedic cooking workshop of 2 days. It was a great experience for everyone. Bruno is a talented chef, he sees everyone and arranges so everyone has an amazing experience. The food is incredibly good and Bruno teaches you how to make this home in your own kitchen. Get ready for a wonderful experience for all your senses!


Owner, Samara yoga, Oslo

I learned so many healthy habits that I can incorporate into my day to day life, from choosing the best foods for my body, to cooking techniques, massage, and more. Bruno is a compassionate, fun, and insightful chef and teacher. I highly recommend his course to anyone curious about Ayurveda.

Alison Uttley

Oslo, Cooking workshop June 2019

How are you feeling?

Are you looking for a new style of cooking, healthier and adapted to your body types to feel balanced?

With the Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition I will teach you a new way of cooking with delicious recipes according to your body types and seasons. It will help liberate you from stress, anxiety, anger, laziness and digestion weakness. Give you a chance to try a new way of living with a better observation of yourself.

Do you want to want to connect deeply in your relationship through the ancient knowledge of massage?

Ayurveda massage course will show you the essence of touch and teach you how the read and feel through it to heal, release tensions and all aspects around and inside the body. The oldest massage on earth, Agastya, is a wonderful way to sense and observe how the body is and on which state of mind you are.

Do you wish to have a harmonious atmosphere in your company and have better productivity?

The Ayurvedic corporate massage will help you and your employees to see in the same direction and gain in productivity with more recognition for your employee.  In Ayurveda, massage is not a luxury, but AN essential part of daily life. Massage treats the whole body through touch: physically, mentally and emotionally.


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