Ayurvedic massage workshops

Over the weekend course, you will have an introduction of the Ayurvedic philosophy and learn how to practice the older rejuvenated massage on earth, Agastya. 

You will observe your energy through different technique as chakras meditation, hand touch feeling, eyes and listening exercises to feel the energy of others and heal during the massage. 

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This course is ideal for couples who want to get deeper into their relationship, understand how the feminine and masculine energy work and flow inside their partner to explore a different way of connecting by true love and touch.

The objective of this course is to reconnect with the five elements and your senses. It will allow yourself space to observe your emotions and sensations. 

You will get time to sense and understand better your partner through this playful weekend. 

Your sense of smell will open by learning the importance and the positive effect of essentials oils. Your sense of touch will be developed by practicing this ancient massage technique. Through eye exercises, your sense of sight will be more sharp, full of compassion and tolerance and by chanting mantras your voice and listening will explore the vibration waves of healing. 

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After this weekend your body and mind will feel calm and release, ready to come back in life with all the energy and knowledge you need to feel joyful and to be present, in the moment, with love and gratitude.

The course is limited to a small group between 6 to 10 students,  to dedicate more attention to each student to receive the maximum benefit of the teaching. Upon completion of the course, the student will earn a certificate of participation from “Bruno Duval- The art of well-being”.

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Explanation of Ayurvedic massage

Massage and self-massage are not just luxuries in Ayurveda, but essential parts of daily life. Massage treats the whole body through touch: physically, mentally and emotionally. In Ayurveda oiling of the body is very important. Oil massage should be resorted to daily. It wards of old age, exertion and pacify the Air and space element, call Vata Dosha. It bestows good vision, nourishment to the body, long life, good sleep, good and strong healthy skin. It should be done specifically to the feet, head, ears and palms.

Ayurvedic massage uses essential oils that are chosen to suit your constitution or state of mind. The massage techniques used include tapping, kneading, squeezing and pressure on specifics points like marma therapy. The style and flow of the massage is determined by who you are, and what your body needs for balance and wellbeing at the time.

The Ancient Science of Ayurveda

The Ancient Science of Ayurveda has been used for more than 5000 years and still does its proof today all around the world. Ayurveda is an alternative and also a complement to modern medicine. It examines the causes and searches to cure the roots of diseases. According to Ayurveda, we are "born from food" and most diseases come from incompatible food and improper lifestyle. Ayurveda shows you the natural way of longevity to keep your life strong and healthy on a daily base. So I believe we need to start taking more care of our bodies and minds in this modern age and have a deeper view of ourselves in the world we live in.