Ayurvedic cooking workshops

Over a weekend, you will gain the fundamental knowledge to integrate the philosophy of Ayurveda and discover the methods to practice it in your daily life. You will learn how to adapt your diet through quick, delicious and nutritious Ayurvedic recipes according to the season, as a daily practice for the care of the self and others.

You will understand the principle of Ayurvedic diet through the importance of the Ayurvedic six tastes with the precious role of spices and herbs. After this weekend you will gain all the knowledge to start a new way of cooking and to have all the ingredients to start this new kitchen life with passion.

You will also experience Chakra meditation to observe the sensations of the body and learn how to heal yourselves by controlling your energy. 

The course is limited to a small group between 8 to 12 students to dedicate more attention to each student to receive the maximum benefit of the teaching. Upon completion of the course, the student will earn a certificate of participation from “Bruno Duval-The art of well-being”

I find Bruno’s courses very interesting, notably for the ayurvedic content. Ayurvedic courses can be hard to find, so it is a great opportunity to get the full experience. Bruno is an avid chef, and his enthusiasm and passion show it clearly. He has great knowledge, and I can easily recommend him.

Cooking workshop

December 2018, Kim

My impression on this workshop is very well organised and prepared. Good variation of yoga, theory, practice in the kitchen and free time. Bruno inspired me a lot and I cannot wait to practice at home.

Cooking workshop

June 2019, Nette

I learned so many healthy habits that I can incorporate into my day to day life, from choosing the best foods for my body, to cooking techniques, massage, and more. Bruno is a compassionate, fun, and insightful chef and teacher. I highly recommend his course to anyone curious about Ayurveda.

Cooking workshop

June 2019, Alison Uttley

Bruno is a great chef and teacher. A perfect combination to teach the Joy of Ayurveda. The weekend at Nosen with nature and yoga made this the perfect break. I would like to go deeper and learn more.

Cooking workshop

June 2019, Katia Valerie Banoun

Christina and I enjoyed every bit of our stay. Learning about the Ayurveda culture and food was amazing, and knowing that we are a Vata is helpful to understand who we are. Your food was fantastic Bruno and the classes was interesting and with your smile and nice personality you created a very good atmosphere in the group. Thanks a lot.

Cooking workshop

March 2019, Lise

Bruno’s passion for food shone through his cooking. His menu planning was creative, his food was delicious and his customer service skills were exceptional. He displayed a positive attitude despite working long hours and remained calm whilst working under pressure. We were very sad to say goodbye to Bruno and would highly recommend him.

Manager at Byron Bay yoga center, Australia


Bruno’s masters a wide variety of dishes and they are always tasty and presentable. He has catered for retreats, birthday party, wedding, and private parties. He has a great overview of everything that need to be done, a careful eye for details and he is a master of organizing all the staff to make them give a little extra in order to offer the best service they can.

Owner and director at Nosen yoga retreat

Alexander Medin

Explanation of Ayurvedic nutrition

Food is an essential requirement in life and one can attain good health by following a proper, natural diet. Most health problems develop due to the wrong eating habit and cooking methods. Ayurveda is based on the belief that nothing is right for everyone and everything is right for someone. This belief comes from an understanding that each of us is unique. Each person reacts to the world in different ways.

If we are all different, why would we even consider the idea that there must be one program of nutrition that is best for everyone? Ayurvedic nutrition is based on individual needs and there is no need to guess which foods and supplements are appropriate for an individual, Ayurveda provides a definite path and protocol to assess what food is recommended for an individual both in healthy and diseased condition diet.

The diet is decided not only to improve physical health but the Benefits of Ayurvedic nutrition are also seen in our mental and emotional wellbeing. In other words, Ayurveda encourage you to be an active participant in your own journey toward healing.