Why is it essential to work together? Because we are all unique because there is not only one type of therapy to heal yourselves. During your lifetime your body will ask you different cares and attention according to the challenge that you are facing. Body and mind need changes and flexibility, not to feel stuck in one box. 

Various alternative medicines or therapies exist to maintain your health and give you a peaceful mind. This is a way of living, thinking and exploring what can be good for you at this time, to bring you to balance and enhance your life. 

Working hand in hand is a chance to respond to all your body needs in a right time to be in harmony with yourself.

Tania Morbech

Yin Yoga Teacher

compressed Tania
Daniela Rivera Arredondo

Art therapy and yoga teacher

Instagram: @mexicanyogini

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Ruth Kristine Haftorn Rostad

Ashtanga yoga teacher
compressed ruth
Benjamin A.lindh Medin

Tai Qi/Qi Gong & Dance teacher

Facebook: Benjamin A.lindh Medin
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Edward Dale-Harris

Architect and founder of Sawa, collaborating on permaculture and natural building
compressed edward

Cyprien Clerc

Host of the FutureSeeds Podcast
Technology, Ecology, Community and Spirituality


Riccardo Monticelli

Digital creator and reporter

Instagram @rico.verato

Riccardo Monticelli