Treatments at my place

Aromatherapy according to your body needs


Before your massage, we will have a short Ayurvedic consultation to know which kind of organic oil and essential oils, I will use according to your body and mind needs.

With Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, you will be in good hands, in a safe, green and quiete place.

Rejuvenate Massage


Agastya  therapy massage release your entire body and balance your energy for a peaceful mind.

Agastya is the oldest Ayurvedic massage on earth. This ancient technique from India has more than 5000 years. It uses to cure, release and rejuvenate all the cells of the body and bring back your balance to have a stable and quiet mind.

I will do soft, regular and intuitive movements all over your body with some tapping, kneading, squeezing to purify and pacify your body energy.

60 min treatment 60 dolares

90 min treatment 90 dolares

Ayurvedic consultation – Massage – Aromatherapy

Deep tissue Massage


Sadhbaav Therapy massage will help you to release tensions and bring back your energy flow and vitality.

Sadhbaav massage means harmony, ideal forpeople who have a busy mind and tense body or often stay in the same position and do repetitive movements.

I decided to provide this treatment in order to combine two different techniques: the rejuvenation and pressure techniques.

With a graduate touch, I will equilibrate your energy flow. Release tension by pressuring specifics points to detox the painful part of your body. Creating waves with hot stones to help your mind travelling.


60 min treatment 60 dolares

90 min treatment 90 dolares

Ayurvedic consultation – Massage – Aromatherapy


Acupressure Massage

Marma Therapy

Marma therapy will help you to unlock and release blockage and detox your whole body

Marma therapy is an old art of healing the body. For centuries it has been used to get rid of the soldier’s pain and heal injurie.

This ancient massage technique consists to unlock by using acupressure.  You have 107 Marma points all over your body, in Ayurveda, we named as vital energy points of the body and mind. I use the thumb, elbow and arms to make the energy flow again and release tension, blockage, traumas stuck in the body.


120min treatment    110 dollars

Ayurvedic consultation – Massage – Aromatherapy

What my clients say

Bruno is a very professional and great masseur, with a very deep understanding of the body. I just loved it and felt so good afterwards. I would recommend him to everybody.


Entrepreneur Run & relax

It was my first experience with Ayurvedic massage. I was totally blown away by the feeling od deep relaxation during the massage, and days after. Bruno’s warmth, presence and ability to creat calm atmosphere made the experience unforgettable.


Bruno gave me a deep tissue massage, Marma therapy, really taking the problem at its roots, he is really interested in seeing the whole picture with a good talk before and after the massage- giving me an understanding of underlying issues. Without no doubt I will recommend his expertise.

Guri Jentoft

Owner of the Hattvika Lodge, Lofoten