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Are you looking for a new style of cooking, healthier and adapted to your body types to feel balanced?

All the time our bodies send us signals but we are often preoccupied to take care of our extern world, family, job, relationship, friends and we forgot to be aware of those signals. We start to feel overwhelmed, stress, insomnia, lethargy, digestion weakness and we keep carrying this heavy emotional bag. Shoulder and back get stiff, your hips can not dance salsa and your mind is too full of thoughts. The first step is to be conscious of it and accept it, with love and kindness.

All changes take time and discipline to undo and reconnect with self. As Ayurveda says ‘’ to start an Ayurvedic lifestyle it is 50% you and 50% Ayurveda’’.  We know now that the food we eat has a crucial impact on our mind because we have a deep connection between our gut and our brain. Our digestive system is constantly working and never get time to relax alone by fasting or by eating the right food. Do you want to start to take time to learn what food is good for you and sense yourself with the 5 elements to be conscious of your true nature and happiness in your life with the Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition?


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